Dynasty | Definition of Dynasty by Merriam-Webster – How to beat the federal government.


How to beat the federal government…

The end of the federal dynasty.


Is this Asia or America? What is this federal dynasty garbage? People v. The federal power. Would “We the people” beat that federal power? We the people say no federal dynasty. Reptiles are not people either. The end of federal power. This is not Asia. We don’t have a Hong dynasty. Power over the people other than law is against the constitution. Tyrants are in power and rule over us. Law is our order, not tyranny. Tyrannical courts are illegal as well.

I believe federalism began with Alexander Hamilton. Nobody really applied this angle and challenged it as being against individual liberty and American way.

 If you see the definition of “family” in the link attached you’ll know that a mob running an extortion racket is considered a family. So we have a family of rulers in the US – a dynasty elite rulership of the government mafia. The constitution says that’s forbidden. “We the people” and the fundamental basis of liberty indicate that we are not to have an imperial power ruling our nation. This is not the Asia-Pacific either.