About dankweed.com

We’re a free resource for artisanal craft cannabis growers, product manufacturers, dispensaries, clubs, resorts, coffeeshops, and consumers. This is a high quality cannabis website for connoisseurs by connoisseurs. Here you can submit, share, and find quality products and information about the cannabis industry. The postings can be product for sale, promotions for dispensaries (their deals, their products), or simply a way to give reviews. The service allows you to sort by popularity listings so you can find the best quality from a number of different categories.

Submitting, sharing, and searching for products is real simple. Looking for the finest quality weed in the world? From all over the world you can now share and submit the best weed experiences while finding and reviewing the best products. If you like to smoke cannabis or grow, and are interested in how weed can bring a higher quality of experience, then you’ve come to the right place! Enter this site stoned with a merry heart and mind. Find everything from reggae music to traveling and everything about the best weed on earth.


Dank weed names

Dank weed is also known as ‘chronic’, ‘crip’, ‘fire’ or ‘the loud’.

Dank weed strains

There are many different strains of cannabis and some are being bred to produce a very high percentage profile of THC. Strains such as RB-26‘s Gorilla Glue #4, Gorilla Glue 5.0, Chiquita Banana, and Kosher Kush are just a few. Keep in mind they are only 29-30% of mostly THCa (non psycoactive) and that strains such as Durban Poison will have higher THC (psychoactive). Although potency is mostly determined by genetics, there are quite a few strains that can meet the right growing conditions to make them dank and full of delightful flavor. Having high quality genetics alone will not necessarily make it dank if the growing conditions are poor. If your cannabis is lab tested please include a link to the PDF report that came from the lab to your buyers if requested. In order for buyers to validate this, please make sure it has your name and address, or your business name and address, and business address of the company that tested the product sample.

Dank weed prices

  • Sellers – attach an optional price, picture, description, and contact information to each new submission. The attached price will appear on your entry. If selling marijuana is not legal in your area, we suggest specifying that your price is the minimum donation you or your organization will take for gifting the product.
  • Buyers – get in touch with the vendor’s supplied contact information.
  • Escrow – Always use Escrow. We recommend Escrow.com for these transactions, as it is the most trusted escrow service on the web. The transaction fee is reasonable – the buyer and seller can split. Beware of fake/scam escrow services.
  • Top voted products of any type in any category can be sorted by clicking “Categories” -> “Popular”.
  • Always favorite the best products. This gives the listing rank so it can move up to the top results.
  • If using the service to buy cannabis products (except seeds) it is only allowed within certain jurisdictions where cannabis transactions are legal for the buyer and seller. All applicable laws apply, and a recent court ruling in the US declared federal raids of marijuana businesses illegal. Verifying proof of medical marijuana eligibility and checking ID is the seller’s responsibility. Getting the buyer to supply a photograph of himself by his ID from a webcam and fax their recommendation is the safest way of handling this.
  • Looking to become a patient in California? Check out EazeMD – a medical marijuana recommendation service done by teleconferencing. They will send you your new doctor’s recommendation in PDF. PDF is more convenient than fax for some people, as it can be easily attached to email during the patient verification process. For other US states and Canada have a look at Leafly’s medical marijuana doctor directory. We welcome any place on earth where marijuana is legal for recreational or medical purposes to use this service.
  • For marijuana legality in the US, please have a look here. Please flag any listings that are offering marijuana to or from areas that are not legal by clicking the “Report pin” icon with a flag above the offending listing. Do this also for the listing of any seller that refuses legitimate and trusted escrow services (such as Escrow.com). This is for everybody’s protection and safety.
  • Make sure you categorize your submissions properly. Tags are not only essential for grouping submissions together, but they are also keywords the search engines use. If you do not properly categorize or tag your submissions they may not show up in the popular list or search indexes.


Dank weed definition

The definition of dank weed is cannabis of the highest quality. It is very beautiful and has distinct flavor characteristics. The smell is incredibly pungent, and the high should be exceptionally clear with a taste that is very smooth. Dank weed is the most highly desired type of cannabis available.


Types of weed

There is lower quality weed, commonly known as ‘reggie’, ‘regs’, ‘beasters’, ‘schwag’, ‘brickweed’, ‘mids’, or ‘midgrade’. It usually has seeds. You won’t find that here, and you shouldn’t smoke it. It is poor quality and can have contaminants, mold, or fungus. It also takes a large amount of it to get high and has an inferior taste.

Dank weed pictures

Anyone is free to submit cannabis related products, pictures, or information to our archive. It does not have to be a for sale or wanted to buy post. We have many categories including clones, seeds (hybrids, indica, sativa), concentrates, pictures, videos, news, and strains. If you are simply promoting a strain or product, feel free to leave a watermark and/or a link to your website.

Dank pipes

Any pipe can be used to smoke marijuana – regardless of quality. Aside from the accessories you can find featured here, you can also find high quality glass art at The Cave smoke shop in San Mateo, CA. You can also order concentrate rig kits made of glass from Wicked Sands in Reseda, CA. Find the Highly Educated titanium nails for dabbing here.


Why we made this service

We wanted to make a service where lovers of quality marijuana could gather, showcase their wares, and get due credit for products of distinct quality. The best marijuana is hard to find these days, and with so many recreational shops and dispensaries pumping out average warehouse herb we as connoisseurs were left to fend for ourselves. Because of dankweed.com you can find what you need very easily as the service we provide allows you to filter out the good from the bad.
Now you can do it online! Our internet presence exposes your listings to a large audience of buyers and sellers, which leads to quick transactions at the price your product deserves. No more hunting down buyers to find the one that offers you what your product is truly worth – you can find them here easily without hassle. Using the site to do business is very convenient. Buyer and seller agree to the price, the funds are deposited into escrow, the seller seals and ships the package, and then drops it off at their preferred parcel service. You can also feature your cannabis store’s top products to increase your sales and traffic.

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