O.G SCOUTMASTER – (Nightfire O.G x Girl Scout Cookies)
Genetics: Nightfire O.G x Girl Scout Cookies
Harvest Date: End of September
Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
THC Content: 22-23%

Part of our breeding program focused increasing the yield of the delicious minty Girl Scout Cookies genetics, we took one of the leading O.G cuts, ‘Nightfire’ (part of the famous ‘O.G Fire’ lineage from breeder Raskal) and crossed it to out exclusive ‘Thin-Mint’ forum cut of G.S.C, used in the best-selling Sequoia Cookies.

The result is a beautiful plant, with our O.G Scoutmaster offering purple highlights, an intense kush-cookie taste and dense, resinous flowers. Flavors range from mint to fuel O.G and berry.

The strain retains the infamous potency of the Girl Scout Cookies, while adding O.G bud structure and unique coloring (both lineages carry delicate purpling, adding to the value of these genetics.)