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Daily has been a thing for me. I have to remember to keep pushing myself for training myself for Pluralsight Python which I am doing for my technology section. I can get some share of money as a phone at Amazon once I master its ways. I am conditioning myself for interest and intimacy within the computer. A deep friendship has to be there. Entering programming as a beginner is something I can so far picture. I've almost finished "Python the Big Picture" on Pluralsight and I'm doing OK. I do have a time later set aside when I'll be more serious at writing. Right now is a bad time, I always feel edgy and bring out bad quality type. My life has not been lived like the ways a traditional life have been lived. Sorry but I have little to say today. I enjoy Final Fantasy and part of the goal is to afford a Playstation 5 later. 

I didn't know you could get these 🇺🇸 American seeds for growing weed until I saw the light. Unleash the seeds! You can too.

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 Hitting high 🔥although substantially low quality due to lack of things to write about or a senseless state driven by psychotropic medicines, but whateveer -- welcome! I'm creating in a blog of what I see as daily interesting. I'm capable of generating some interesting and innovative ideas by ways of exploring the internet.  I'll manage to get the by the ways of your minds actively present here to interact. dankweed.com has always done that or not. It is the hidden 450Lb gorilla sleeping on the internet. Its authorship is at your eye level, how do you like it?

Fear the gorilla BEING awake now. The "King Kong who also knew the internet", Charles, is the sitemaster theme writer with an experienced hand at writing.🎖 The purpose becomes to take on practical sense with theme or other, although I'll let you leave with your eyes engaged, feel free to Bookmark with Ctrl+D is always what I recommend here.

Aiming for the highest cut-out technology writings with dankweed.com and with your light as sense you can God damnit be guided to.  I'll bring all this uniqueness to mobile phones worldwide. A portable .com is as neat as a shipping storage container. It is surprising that technology like Amazon AWS and experiences I grow with are also the same I could write about! Go figure I  cannot wait to bring my 9 year old domain name dankweed.com to your picture better. For now I'm undereducated and a bit dulled from psychotropic drugs, but as the month lulls on- there will be times to operate abound the boredom that keeps me sulled back. dankweed.com the GT of Grand King Kongs is here to stay. Recommend: @zonefileyouth and Tiktok is so far probably making a come back! I got approved for the phone =). With the coming of a replacement phone I'll be using Google Keep notes, using dictation for new content, and incorporating more so the intelligent works of AI at ChatGPT to clean articles sometimes. The use of ChatGPT is only for refinement, as I keep things in shape.


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☄️ Consistent atomoxetine intake 🩺 

📝 Concise Overview:

Moving from Cordilleras:

Leaving Cordilleras, a mental health recovery center in Redwood City, CA, where I received meals, lodging, and clothing support.

Digital Organization:

Utilizing MacOS Notes for efficient note-taking and organization to foster personal growth and success.

Personal Reflections:

Reflecting on experiences with atomoxetine medication and acknowledging distractions like excessive YouTube consumption.

Blogging Ventures:

Transitioning from "4art.zip" to "dankweed.com" for blogging, appreciating the versatility of the latter name and its potential connections to photography and literature.

Domain Portfolio:

Owning domains like "dankchronic.com" and discussing experiences with domain trading, including challenges with ".TW" domains.

Bay Area Living:

Sharing experiences of living in the San Francisco Bay Area, commuting via BART, and preferring Menlo Park over neighboring areas.

Housing Ambitions:

Aspiring to afford $850 rent within a community like Menlo Park, emphasizing personal goals and aspirations.

Online Presence:

Considering naming social media profiles like "ZoneFileRoad" and discussing connections to entities like Charleston Road Registry due to name associations.

Website Satisfaction:

Expressing contentment with "dankweed.com" over previous choices, attributing its suitability for writing and its nostalgic connotations.

Personal History:

Reflecting on past experiences, including interactions with @TWNIC on social media, despite past involvement in hacking incidents.

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I'm very happy with my dankweed.com site. I was using 4art.zip but it isn't necessarily a dot com name. I went through a lot of disagreement about the quality of 4art.zip from Namecheap but agreed that dankweed.com has better for writing. It has a heritage-like name. I'm reminded of old writing settings where Abraham Lincoln was smoking his sweet hemp pipe on the porch of his fate-craft cabin.  On a positive note, despite hacking their servers as a youth, @TWNIC is one of my few followers on X. I did not know I would not alarm society by saying I was a global computer hacker, but I did know that no matter what, atomoxetine capsule USP would always be readily given by the doctors.

Since I haven't tasted freedom in over a year (been locked up or put in a mental health setting) I have not had stimulant drugs. I don't have much of a Instagram or TikTok going for me right now, things are not always what they seem. I know one thing for seem, that it seems like a job instead of Social Security's SSI payments is much healthier. I am sure most tax paying class adult would agree to this line of thinking, but it didn't take them telling me to realize the income is much too small to live off of in California. 

I had lived in San Jose previous to the incarceration by Menlo Park police. I ws at a sober living house taking tiny amounts of stimulants and atomoxetine. Medicines are taken much more serious now and It is like I cannot approach working without my CNS system being quieted. I plan to get a job and don't want to be dancing or disorganized. So I am going on a hunt for stimulant Focalin (dexmethylphenidate or dexmethylphenidate ER) to take 3 times a day, a moderate dose is like 15mg each. Since I have been on atomoxetine for 3 years with no gain to managing tasks and still dance hyperactively I am going to push that the neurology doctor do it for me. I chose to be doing something responsible is the newly understood reason for harmony in employment. I cannot become a DevOps engineer, the divine friends I know aren't accepting of it. I have a Pluralsight account and still need to do a GED so I can afford to finally drive a car. I do not have many things that are interesting to read about at this time, but am still thankful you come to bookmark and visit for the mean time while getting to where I need to go. Still Doing my blog! good ol' dankweed.com sits on its Verisign core server like a 450 lb. gorilla sleeping.


I didn't know you could legally get high from this Delta-9 T.H.C. measured syrup until a friend told me — you can too.


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Forever more, dank weed at my door. this is what it meant to be a zone file youth. While PIRNet was $50 for Network Solutions, I couldn't be pressed to find a better cannabis name after renewing dankweed.com for over 8 years. The name has paid for itself. My first stake at cannabis as domain name was 'pothead.org'. I did not get to smoke the amounts of weed I wish I had been able to but my childhood left me on the internet. I am going for a stimulant prescription for stimulants soon. I did a failure to educate myself, had thus a poor education. Although reality still gets me typing it does not mend the wound left behind. The name, dankweed.com, can be a bit of a literacy library. Backend design showed that people use libraries or categories to store historic art. Here's a trip, someone on my LinkedIn likes NFT's. NFT's are cryptocurrency related artwork that are a market. Here it requires access to zonefileyouth.com to provide comments. I might rename it to dankweed.com permanently, but it hurts to see it die again.

You've got to know the power of a good domain name. It's in the handicraft. If I ask an experienced writer what is best, I'm guessing they'd say zonefileyouth.com. I do enjoy that the classic appeal of the dankweed.com means a library, such as suggested by dank weed memes. It can be some sort of literacy library hub/hut, but is intoxicated by marijaunian bush weeds. Dank weed goes with the coffee at the peak of the midnight hour, says Charles, the current narrator who is the Joomla CMS expert for this site. I came here to share about technology and enlightened causes. I did not intend for it to be something that would blow up in popularity but I represent my branding to the fullest.

I did decide not to name the site 'Devotion Road' because it was the name of something copyright related. I do apologize but wanted to stick to authenticity. The name "Zone File Youth" is represent from my youthful memories, memoir-like if you will. I'm going to take stabs at writing things in this place for sure. This is a place where memories meet my wilderness of dreams. As ascribed to the ritual fun at its pub like atmosphere, we are typing about the feel of Zone File Youth, as it is a heritage. and revivalist roots name , and its portable respects as a blog. I main to stay true. You'll find later as I scale things out. I do enjoy painting scene and setting in writing. Zone File Youth is about big nugs, a rustic cabin by a lake, fishing gear, and some hunting. Welcome to the lodge!  If I go to school to study writing better will you follow? I am on X.com as @zonefileyouth. Keepsake for you is my dankweed.com share. Don't forget me.

Living without a cause for so long. Where 41 years of age and inactivity led me was to the amazing blog to share vivaciously. I'm loding with you! You are my guest. Welcome to my site and thx for visit. I have to go to the neurologist to get my ADHD tested. It seems everyone believed my step mother when I tried to get clonazepam back in 2011. I have a ADHD and Bipolar record without signs of bipolar, so that means a trip to get my ADHD stimulants and atomoxetine more secure for physicians to prescribe. I am cautious as a blogger. I want to take time to write better and do things but my ADHD gets in the way some. What I'll do is get some cash hopefully and pay for a Stanford course at their School for Professional Development. Google releases Gemini recently. Zone File Youth follows technology. I wanted to say that it is the comopany's subscription tier follow-up to Bard and competitor to ChatGPT Plus and Copilot Pro. I *personally* use a Macbook Air 2017 model with Joomla as a CMS.  I'm looking forward to delivering quality content here, things will manage to settle then I will be present in the blog sphere as a successful label.


I am going to go on here about being stoned. I love drugs like atOMOXetine, at its heart is a drug that can provide amazing lullaby like attempts and stages of height. I can't wait to combine cannabis with it. I think it goes great and it wouldn't interrupt the qualities of the drug, it should make them enhanced and beautify inner health with well being and comfort. I want some methylphenidate to read books and sit while doing tasks that are less basic, like GED math or something.