If you don’t read this and offer me less than $8M you’re an antitrust Sean Parker figure.

Don’t miss out – Global cannabis market poised for 1,000%-plus growth to $140B, report predicts

The snowball is in. #sendchuckhome is now active to help get this domain sold this year as lawmakers are discussing #legalization.

In this presentation we demonstrate a clear cut case for investment in the cannabis opportunity by purchasing dankweed.com – a premier high quality and exotic cannabis property with both online and offline use potential for just $8,000,000.

The real deal official craft cannabis domain – as recognized by Reddit (see Pazuzu’s “dankrupt”) and so widely adopted/recognized it has its own meme construct.

The candy like appeal of dankweed.com to the cannabis craft is blatantly obvious:

Marijuana will be “way bigger” than craft beer, Lagunitas Brewing founder tells cannabis industry leaders

This news has caused us to see dankweed.com as powerful of a name as bags.com which sold for $8M. We see the practical utility and use for even would-be superbreeders. The frenzy of popularity that comes behind super breeders can be intense – just look at RB26, DJ Short, and even the story behind Green Crack becoming exclusively popular with the hip hop culture in the 90s. When California was approaching legalization vast tracts of land were acquired for the market. It is noted that big investors have gainful opportunity in this field (but California is not the only place where craft cannabis can be grown). Even further is the impressive reach and power the term “dank weed” has worldwide (it is recognized in places like Germany)


According to an article put out by Bloomberg:

“Crypto, marijuana themed website names are most in demand”

“Right now crypto is probably the biggest trend in domain,” Kubba said. “Crypto and marijuana. Those two segments of domain names have been growing in value much much faster than other names.”

High quality cannabis domain names with amazing candy appeal, especially those with child-like nostalgia attached to them (see dank memes) are worth buying.

Given that the recent attention in the media about Sen. Thom Tillis suggesting that Congress will discuss marijuana legalization this year (see this) is an amazing historic milestone in cannabis legalization progress I have decided to put my domain for sale at $8M. Think of it this way: When cannabis is legal everyone wants the best quality for the lowest price. The potential for the domain in development is deep.

Think of your domain as an investment vehicle into the future where capitalizing on a piece of the cannabis industry is left for a value to those who “bought early”. With the massive multibillion dollar size of cannabis as of today and its predicted growth – how could you not want to shell out a mere $8M for a domain given the potential? The snowball has started. Get in now.

You’ve probably heard about the $4.2M sale of marijuana.com. Let me tell you why that was not as good as an investment as dankweed.com – simply because there is a a resentment in the cannabis community that the term ‘marijuana’ is a racist term created during the heat of propaganda against cannabis to push it towards illegality. Remember what happened at H&M? This negativity is bad for business. Don’t exclude your customers. Here are a list of premium generic domains which have in the past sold for high prices:

bags.com – $8M.

myworld.com – $1.2M

whisky.com $3.1M

…and others – see this EuroDNS article.

Only several plain descriptive generic domains for cannabis exist: cannabis.com, pot.com, ganja.com and where everyone gets the best worldwide: dankweed.com. This domain was carefully acquired by somebody who had unique exposure to much of the interior of the Domain Name System (DNS) as a youth.

His father inspired him with a pot leaf wallet as his step mother insisted it was bad. In 2009 he became inspired by Gary Kremen – an early ARPAnet employee who picked up sex.com,  he then sought out the best marijuana domain names possible. The only reason it was acquired is because the holding registrar (Basic Fusion) failed its contract obligations to ICANN – leaving it free to grab in 2009.

Get in touch. I will get to all messages eventually.

About dankweed.com:

Find the dankest weed at dankweed.com using a simple approach – user submissions and user search. We brought this site together to make it less difficult for those who have been looking for the best cannabis. Simply share and submit your batches, identify where you got them or how to get in touch with your legitimate cannabis business. This site was built to solve the problem: where do you find the world’s best weed. How do you quantify it?

Before our site went up the dankest weed on earth was not information you could find. We came up with the solution. We have to rely on businesses, growers, and seed breeders to bring forward candidates for the world’s best weed.

Finding the dankest weed has never been easier

By relying on a metric (“Popular”) we can have your product judged by a live audience (social and physically tested proof). Pins/boards feature everything that’s necessary to compete for the top spot as world’s dankest weed. Our subscription model guarantees that you are confident that your products and business are top notch.

You got dank? Sign up and let the users decide. Your candidate(s) for world’s dankest weed can be categorized and tagged. You can submit everything flower/concentrate related. Leaving your contact information with your submission leads to business and reviews. I’m happy to bring dank weed to the entire world.

All businesses are welcome even Amsterdam’s coffee shops.

Again thank you for coming to dankweed.com – the dankest weed resource for the cannabis industry!

Lastly any questions feel free to contact us.